Wintry Natural Beauty: 3 Snow-Proof Makeup Tips

Whether you’re hitting the ice or ski slopes this holiday season, windburn, sleet and more may seek to ruin your sleek makeup!

Snow-proof  and naturally flawless makeup is all about keeping your skin soft and protected all day. Yet, dropping temperatures are a major hurdle to looking like the natural beauty you are, with spells of cold leaving parched skin and uneven makeup application in its wake.
To prevent this from happening, we’re revealing our top 3 snow-proof organic and natural makeup tips!

1. Layer, layer and layer!

Previously, we emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy natural skin barrier (read here). However, snow brings windburn with it, and that can damage your barrier by depleting its hydration levels. Before this happens on the blusteriest days, start off with an extra rich and moisturizing vegan, organic and natural skincare Pack on the hydration by adding on a layer or two, then bring it down to the lips too!

Pro tip: Double down on your defenses by bundling up in a scarf, headband or hooded outerwear
for more physical protection from the harsh elements.

2. Go for matte lips & cheeks makeup.

When it comes to lips & cheeks makeup, skip the glossy textures — the winter winds will blow your hair in every possible direction and have them stick onto your lips & cheeks. Not cute! To avoid such a makeup mishap, go for lips & cheeks makeup with a more matte texture instead. Our fully vegan, organic and natural Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick injects deep moisture without the stickiness, yet doesn’t compromise on performance — its vibrant lip makeup color never fails to please and is a visual feast for the eyes!

Of course, our fully vegan, organic and natural Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick also doubles up as an organic and natural Simply apply a few dots on the apples of your cheeks and blend it with the warmth of your fingers to add, well, radiant warmth to your face even in the cold! 

3. Set it and forget it!

If you’ve doubled (or even tripled!) up on the hydrating layers, you may find makeup smudges on your coat, scarf or even snow. You can prevent your makeup from smudging when you set it with a light dusting of powder. Take extra care around areas of your face where more makeup tends to rub off, such as the corners of your nose, jawline and undereye area. In doing so, your makeup will be set in place so securely then you’d even forget that you had it on!

Snow-proof makeup is as easy as 1-2-3 when you rely on a lineup of the best vegan, organic and natural makeup from Liht Organics! We are an award-winning organic makeup brand with cruelty free, vegan, organic and natural skincare-infused beauty products.

Shop Liht’s fully vegan, organic and natural collection with no harmful chemicals makeup here now. 

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