Winter Cake Face: 4 Organic and Natural Makeup Tips to Avoid It!

Ah, the dreaded cake face. It sneaks up quietly on the best of us, especially under harsh, unblinking party lights to reveal streaky base makeup with foundation that has sunk into pores galore!

As such, avoiding caked-on foundation is important. It happens when such base makeup products are applied with a particularly heavy hand, imparting an exaggerated, powdery finish to the skin. Let’s talk about the primary causes of winter cake face, as well as our top 5 organic and natural makeup tips to avoid it!

1. Look out for drying, harmful chemicals in ingredient lists!

Drying, harmful chemicals in your base skincare and makeup products can aggravate sensitive skin and cause dry, flaky and reddened patches. This is not good news, especially for those looking to treat eczema or sensitive skin. Instead, look out for non-harmful chemicals that deliver deep hydration — yet feel light on the skin — such as organic and natural grape seed oil and more!

2. Use your fingers!

Cake face is really the only kind of cake that’s better with fewer layers. Even if you feel like you’ve applied a tad too many layers, the natural heat and oils from the fingers can help to melt all the makeup into your face’s natural contours easily. All you have to do is apply on your base makeup product with a brush, then rub clean hands together to create warmth, and press the product into your skin. Press and pat — this will help it to adhere closely to your skin and provide coverage without the need for extra makeup!  

3. Spray away!

After applying your foundation, light spritzes of a natural skincare product such as a hydrating facial spray can help to prevent the makeup from caking up. A facial spray locks the makeup in place, while showering your skin with a fine mist that is packed with a ton of natural beauty and skincare This means that even if you’ve accidentally baked a cake face, you won’t have to fret — a light mist will do the job of bringing down the powdery texture for a more natural, radiant look you’ll love! 

4. Organic treatment powder is key!

No matter if you have dry or oily skin, powder is sometimes needed to set liquid makeup products in place so they don’t slide off your face by the end of a party. With a large, fluffy powder makeup brush, simply dust on a natural face powder of your choice. A thin, translucent layer of powder won’t result in caking, but will keep your makeup locked in the places where it needs to be and ready for a party all night long!

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