‘Tis the Season to Love Certified Organic and Natural Edible-Beauty Oils with Skincare Benefits!

Our love for fully vegan and organic edible beauty oils run deep, especially when the temperature plunges sharply at this time of the year!

And we’re not alone — according to a 2015 report from The NDP Group, the dollar sales of skincare oils have more than tripled in its preceding five years. Fast forward to 2019, and we know that only more women will share our love for vegan and organic edible-beauty oils!

In fact, these edible-beauty oils boast potent natural beauty benefits and deliver long-lasting hydration deep into the skin with no harmful chemicals! In lip makeup products, they can help nourish dry, chapped puckers ravaged by the wintry winds.

Read on to discover 3 of such fully vegan and organic edible-beauty oils with skincare benefits in our lip makeup products at Liht Organics!

1. Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil

Where you’ll find it: Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick

Derived from certified organic and natural castor seeds, castor oil is a fully vegan multi-purpose magical substance with several medicinal, industrial and pharmaceutical uses. More notably, it contains non-harmful chemicals such as ricinoleic acid — an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid touted by many as the main reason why castor oil is jam-packed with the amazing skin-loving benefits it has. Infused within our fully vegan and organic Color-Intense Liquid Lipstick makeup formulation, castor oil helps promote wound healing, boost circulation, as well as even treat sun and wind burns on your puckers to always keep them in the pink of health!

2. Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil

Where you’ll find it: Moisture Burst Lip Glaze 

Pronounced as “ho-ho-ba”, this amazing natural and fully vegan oil is derived from the seed of the jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) plant. Instead of being an oil — as its name suggests — it’s an ester wax that closely resembles our skin’s natural oils.
It’s also a hypoallergenic makeup ingredient, which means that regular topical application is especially beneficial for sensitive-skinned beauties looking for ways on how to treat eczema and other drying skin conditions. So if you ever experience dryness, flaking, itching and related symptoms on your lips, you can rest assured that a swipe of our Moisture Burst Lip Glaze won’t make it worse, but instead help it feel more soothed than ever before! 

3. Vitis Vingera (Grape) Seed Oil

Where you’ll find it: Moisture Burst Lip Glaze

Who knew that a glass of our favorite red vino could be good for the skin, too? Certified organic and natural, fully vegan grapeseed oil comes about only through pressing it out of the grape seeds left over from wine production. The fat in these seeds is rich in Vitamin E, an organic and naturally harvested antioxidant that defends the skin from the onslaught of free radical damage, the biggest cause of aging. Together with linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid, the power pair serves another purpose: to lighten skin discolorations such as sunspots and uneven skin tone over time. This means that regular use of a skincare-infused lip makeup product with grapeseed oil such as our Moisture Burst Lip Glaze will naturally ensure your lips are the perfect canvas for an even wash of color all day long!

Explore our long-lasting, yet incredibly moisturizing lip makeup product formulas and more at Liht Organics, a highly recommended organic makeup brand  with cruelty free, vegan, organic and natural skincare-infused beauty products you’ll love.

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