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She is more than a woman.
She is everything she allows herself to be.

Pronounced “light”, the word Liht also represents “light, daylight; power of vision; luminary; world”. Similarly, Liht (Living in Her Time) Organics is a revolutionary natural, organic makeup brand, a reflection of the face behind her – the Liht woman.

The Liht woman is a lover, a warrior, a fearlessly strong leader and gentle nurturer all-in-one. She encapsulates all that a woman is, and does so with radiance and grace.

Grounded in her confidence, she goes forth with a powerful inner Liht that emanates brightly, bringing hope and inspiration to all those around her.

We are all about empowering a woman to live fully in her Liht – by her own rules, in her own time.


We’ve been told to make healthy decisions such as opt for natural skincare and be more careful about how we nourish our bodies, inside out. However, have you ever thought about what is lurking at the bottom of your beauty routine?

At Liht Organics, we believe that every woman should be her authentic, true self, embodying all her best qualities. With our makeup products, this is no exception – to us, organic is what nature intended: untainted, fluid, alive.

Yet, we know that many women apply their daily makeup without thinking twice. The shocking truth: nearly 60% of what you brush on makes its way into your bloodstream. Even worse, the Health Sciences Authority recently announced a recall of 18 cosmetic products sold on the market with high levels of mercury and other potent undeclared chemicals.

Liht Organics’ vegan and cruelty-free cosmeceutical formulations are of the highest quality. We use the highest percentage of certified natural, organic makeup ingredients, with zero nanoparticles and synthetic chemicals.




PHOTOS (L-R): Anti-Aging BB Cream (in Medium); Sheer Radiance Blush (in Cherry Blossom) and Moisture Lip Glaze (in Roasted Cherry).

We have also taken out all the chemical nasties that are usually found in traditional cosmetics. Instead, you’ll find clean, pregnancy-safe makeup minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Mica and Zinc oxide, as well as botanical ingredients like Coconut Oil, Carrot Powder, as well as Rosemary, Oregano & Thyme extracts.

The three major ingredients found in our mineral makeup — Titanium oxide, Zinc oxide and Iron oxide — also offer superb natural protection against sun damage and premature aging of the skin.

Zinc Oxide provides protection against harmful UVA rays (ultraviolet A) and UVB rays (ultraviolet B), while Iron Oxide provides UV protection and imparts our mineral foundations and eyeshadows their rich, vibrant hue.



When you use natural and organic cosmetics such as those from Liht Organics, you also make a silent contribution to the well-being of the wider environment.

Natural and organic cosmetics are better for the environment because its ingredients are derived from organic farming. Organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers that can have a destructive effect, rippling across to our water, soil and health.

Through advocating the use of organic and natural makeup, Liht Organics seeks to foster a nurturing relationship with the planet. Our customers can look and feel beautiful without the guilt.

Your Liht is what the world needs now, 
Shine bright.



We are so happy to meet you – our fellow Liht woman. We hope Liht Organics will be your favourite online shopping destination for high-quality natural and organic makeup. Learn more about our story, or shop our full range of natural and organic makeup here.

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