Pamper Yourself Through The Pandemic

The pandemic has taken and continues to take a toll on our health – both physical and mental. The uncertainty of how life will be in future, along with the pressures of working from home and staying indoors can take a hefty toll on the mind and lead to various consequences such as anxiety and depression. While some of us have probably gotten the hang of things, maintaining a healthy and strong mindset can never help too much in easing the stresses of such a difficult time, and to do that we have two words to share: Self Care!

Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

Regardless of the pandemic, staying hydrated is one sure way of ensuring your body (and mind) is able to function at its optimum. To help make the daily intake of at least 2 litres more pleasurable, go ahead and add fruits such as Lemon, Strawberries & Cucumber and herbs such as Basil, Rosemary and Mint leaves to help make your H2O tasty! Why stop at your body? Keep your skin hydrated too by pampering yourself with a nourishing face mask made with natural ingredients every now and then!

Diet of course is key! Treat your body well with whole foods that are free of GMO and ensure a healthy, balanced diet free of excessive sugar, salt or oil. Every once in awhile, it’s ok to indulge in heartier meals or sugary treats – as long as you ensure that your body receives the nutrition it needs from eating well and on time (no skipping meals!)

Once you feel healthy on the inside and out, you will naturally feel healthy in your mind so you can take on the day!

Keep Active

There’s nothing that affects your overall health more quickly than being cooped up at home within four walls, and not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun. Especially for those of us working from home all day, our bodies can start to get stiff from bad posture and sitting for too long. Making it a point to go outdoors at least for an hour every day – to the shops, walking your dog, going for a brisk walk – can help lift your spirits and keep your body active. Try doing these activities in the day so that your skin can absorb some energizing Vitamin D from the morning sun (stay out of the afternoon sun please!) and you’ll find that you are refreshed and more alert throughout the day!

Indulge in Me-Time

The most underrated habit you can cultivate during these taxing times is to allow yourself to indulge in personal pampering time! Schedule in some Me-Time every week so that your mind can take a break and fully relax, while you engage in an activity that makes you truly happy!

Here are some of our top picks for the ultimate self-care activities:

  • Meditation & stretching
  • DIY facial at home or Spa Day at your favorite salon
  • Mani-Pedi sesh with the girls
  • Enjoying a book with a calming cup of chamomile tea
  • Mentally stimulating activities like painting, puzzles, journalling

The list goes on!

The pandemic has undoubtedly shifted our priorities when it comes to overall health and well-being. No one knows when the pandemic will subside, but until then, it is now more important than ever to put yourself and your health first – physical, emotional and mental.

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