Reasons Why You Should Choose Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Instead!

With increasing exposés unveiling the ugly truth behind animal testing that goes on in the beauty industry, it is little wonder that consumers are becoming more conscious about what they choose to put on their skin.

Keen to explore the alternative to mainstream cosmetics for something a little better for your skin while looking out for the animals? Here are 6 strong reasons why you should go #cruelty-free today!


Cruelty-Free Products Are Healthier for Your Skin

The reason the cosmetic industry started testing on animals in the first place was that they are formulated with harmful chemicals. The testing is to make sure the products will not cause too much damage to your skin and body.

With cruelty-free products you can avoid that route entirely, thanks to natural formulations free of harmful chemicals, making them healthier products to use on your skin!


Make A Change in The World

Want to make a change in the world? Now you can! 

The truth is, that major beauty brands of the world, like all corporations, are beholden to their consumers. By taking a stand and purchasing only #cruelty-free cosmetic products, you are signaling to them to start making changes or lose your share of your wallet for good.

With more consumers voting with their wallets, it is no wonder more beauty brands are increasingly offering cruelty-free products to capture market share.


Help to Protect Animals from Harmful Tests

If you think that mice are the only type of animals tested in beauty laboratories, think again. Cosmetic product testing does not discriminate and has been done on adorable animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. 

With many better ways of determining the safety of the products with new technology, many companies have proven it is possible to create safe products without animal testing altogether.

Want to do your part to save animals from an unnecessarily painful fate? Avoid companies that persist with this archaic practice.


More Mindful Purchases

By focusing on only purchasing cruelty-free beauty products, you’ll find that you spend less time and money shopping for beauty products.

With fewer choices, you can now focus on better evaluating whether a product is worth adding to your beauty stash or not. This also makes a big difference in reducing wastage, benefitting the planet in the process too!


High-Performance Products but Without the Guilt 

Many people new to cruelty-free cosmetics tend to be pleasantly surprised when they discover that it can be as high performing or even better than their regular brand.

This goes to show that even without animal testing, technologies these days are good enough to develop quality products!


Affordable Alternative

Worried that you’ll have to spend more money to use better cruelty-free products? Not to worry! There are plenty of affordable and high-quality cosmetic brands that have gone the cruelty-free route to choose from.

Not only do you get to save animals, but you also get to save money too!


Switch Over to Cruelty-Free Cosmetics with Liht Organics Today!

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