Mindfulness In The Time Of Isolation

The COVID-19 global pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in numerous changes in our lifestyles – from practicing social distancing and wearing masks, to working from home and, in some countries, being in a state of total lockdown.

One of the intangibe effects of this is Cabin Fever- defined as the feeling of irritability or restlessness experienced when one is stuck in an isolated or confined space for an extended period of time. So while we each face our own challenges of embracing this new “normal” during this time, it is also important to partake in some of these self-care methods to help with keeping mindful of your well-being in mind, body and soul!

Avoid Information Overload

Social media and wireless connection has made our daily lives more convenient and more connected globally. However, this also means that information is coming to us at a rapid pace, and it can get overwhelming when the news is of grim nature and, at times, is not even verified to be true.

To protect your mind from anxiety and worry, limit your exposure to Covid-19 related news by allocating only a few minutes a day to catch up with the important updates, and make sure to only get your information from trusted sources.

Try Something New!

Our days off and weekends used to be spent at social or family gatherings but now that those luxuries have to take a back seat for the moment, we now have a new-found luxury of free time! This is the best time to dive into a world of new hobbies! Take up a new skill like cooking or painting, learn some yoga poses or get started on that book you’ve been wanting to read!

Embrace this opportunity to have full control over the 24 hours you get each day to not just be productive at work but more importantly, to also enjoy yourself and cultivate the ultimate work-life balance. 

Align Your Mind, Body & Soul

Those of us working from home may also find it challenging at the start to draw a clear line between work and play, and this may result in burnout from working non-stop in order to feel productive. 

Take a moment each day for “me-time” to meditate or check in with your thoughts by keeping a journal, and help align your mind,body and soul by catching up on sleep, eating clean and doing simple at-home exercises to stay active!


Monitor Your Emotions

If you’re feeling a little low or frustrated some days, have a go-to activity that will help uplift your mood. Music has a magical effect on our emotions and moods and the right kinds of music can do wonders during this time. Listen to upbeat music to uplift you, or choose calming tracks to help soothe your anxiety and calm you down.

If you find that you are feeling more moody or anxious as the days go by, it is important to first acknowledge what you are feeling, and not bottle it up. Express these feelings to a loved one or someone you trust, and you might feel better after putting these emotions out in the open.  


If you or your loved ones are going through a challenging time, please call your 24-hour national counselling hotline and speak with a trained professional who can help you process your feelings and guide you through practical and healthy coping tactics.

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