Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin – Why should you choose Liht?

When it comes to choosing the right beauty and skincare products, having sensitive skin can sometimes feel overwhelming. Combing through ingredients lists, learning about which chemicals can aggravate your condition, and going through multiple brands using trial and error to find the perfect one is a frustrating process. However, what if we told you we can help!

Made with up to 90% USDA-certified organic ingredients and free of any harmful or synthetic chemicals, Liht Organics promises award-winning, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup that is safe enough to eat!

With our 100% natural formulas, you can rest assured that your makeup routine will not irritate or cause more harm to your complexion, but instead heal as it conceals! However, since your skin is more prone to irritation, applying makeup on sensitive skin entails a different approach in order to ensure the most flawless finish with the least aggravation.

One of the aspects to consider when using makeup on sensitive skin is formulation. Because of the acute sensations experienced in your skin type, using punitive formulas with specific active ingredients, fragrances, and other potential irritants can inflict chaos causing your sensitive skin to flare up and may even cause visible irritation via redness, rashes and breakouts. The most common skin irritants include fragrance, parabens and formaldehyde. To prevent this from happening, we suggest incorporating plant-based hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and natural ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter into your daily beauty regime. And no, you do not have to worry about how to find these products because we have them right here for you; With Liht, you can rest assured that our products guarantee harmless formulations – made with up to 90% USDA-certified organic and FDA-approved ingredients, free of Parabens, Synthetic Chemicals and Nanoparticles!

Our products are full of natural, nourishing ingredients that nature has to offer which are not only a more benign alternative to chemical makeup but also helps in healing and protecting your skin! Allow us to present some of our skin-loving, organic ingredients used in our products:

Aloe Barbadensis – The most beneficial among over 200+ species of Aloe Vera also functions as a natural anti-inflammatory agent because it soothes and shields sensitive skin suffering from rosacea or acne.

Rosemary Extract – The nutrients present in this extract protects the epidermis from free radical damage and exposure to the sun. Rosemary also has sterile properties and serves as a natural disinfectant for your gentle skin.

Castor Seed Oil – This wonder ingredient has therapeutic properties to soothe sunburnt skin, inflammation, and acne and nourishes to reveal younger-looking skin with its anti-ageing benefits!

Sunflower Seed Oil – This compressed oil is rich in vitamin E, Linoleic acid and Oleic acid. All of which are natural emollients and deeply hydrating. What’s more, it can be found in our Liht Organics’ Moisture Burst Lip Glaze.

Lavender Flower extract – This wondrous plant extract has antiseptic, antifungal and nourishing properties making it a cure for acne-prone and sensitive skin. You can find natural lavender flower extract in Liht Organics’ non-comedogenic Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation!

Mica – It is a naturally formed silicate mineral and a well-loved hypoallergenic ingredient that is safe for sensitive skin. It is a more natural solution for people trying to treat eczema and other skin concerns. It is also a safer alternative to talc and other harmful chemicals, so we have incorporated it into our makeup line. Our mica is also ethically and responsibily sourced from the USA.

Where the application technique of makeup is essential for sensitive skin, the products you use also have a huge impact. We hope the information and suggestions we have shared with you will help you to trust and to choose Liht Organics’ because we promise that you are investing in your long term health through the use of high-performance, quality products made with a high percentage of USDA-certified organic ingredients, no nano-particles or harmful chemicals, and are vegan and cruelty-free!

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