Learn How to Contour with This Simple Guide for Beginners

Want to take your makeup to the next level? Try contouring to achieve a more defined or sculpted look à la the Kardashians!

Whether you’re a complete makeup beginner or someone exploring how to contour, just follow these few simple steps to achieve your exciting new look.


What You Need in Your Contouring Kit

To get started, you will need these few essentials for contouring:

  • Your day-to-day skin care products (which should include a moisturizer)
  • Choice of foundation
  • For the shadows: A cream or powder bronzer that is not only 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone, but also suited for your skin tone
  • For the highlights: A brightening concealer that is at least 1 -2 shades lighter
  • Blending tools: A beauty blender sponge or dense angled makeup brush


Step 1: Prepare Your Base

As with any makeup application, you’ll want to start with prepping your canvas a.k.a. your skin.

To ensure that your makeup and contouring products blend well into your skin, a round of exfoliation the night or the day before would be helpful.

Next, you’ll want to ensure that your skin is hydrated to help your skin look less dull and cakey after the application of the various coats of makeup on top. Give it about 10 -15 minutes after applying a thin coat of moisturizer, before applying foundation as your base.

Our Choice of Foundation for Contouring:  Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation – a lightweight foundation to provides flawless and even coverage for you to layer on contouring products.


Step 2: Start Creating Shadows 

The next step would be to start with creating shadows across your forehead, underneath your cheekbones, along the sides of your nose, and across your jawline, to help add definition.

Make sure your bronzer is slightly darker but not too dark, around 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone or foundation, for that subtle natural shadow look.

Start with light shading and depending on how much definition you are going for, you can always layer on more bronzer for a more contrasting effect.


Step 3: Strategically Highlight Areas

After the shadows, it’s time to create the highlights (or in simple terms, areas that are brighter and will stand out).

Using a concealer 1-2 shades brighter than your skin, you’ll want to apply them in dots sparingly across areas like the area between your brows, your bridge of the nose, top of cheekbones, and even your chin.

Our Choice of Concealer for Contouring: New! Flawless Face Concealer – a hydrating organic concealer that not only brightens your look but also nourishes your skin with its natural ingredients.


Step 4: Blend Until Perfect

With your dark and light elements ready, it’s now time to use your tools to start blending them till they look natural.

For the beauty blender, make sure you dampen it with water before blending in a circular motion. 

For dense angled brushes, you can swipe back and forth between the dark and light areas to blend them out.

And voila! There you have it, a gorgeous new look that elevates your natural beauty.

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