It’s National Cappuccino Day! 3 Organic and Natural Ways a Cuppa Perks Up Eye Health

To celebrate the upcoming National Cappuccino Day (8 Nov), we want to highlight the natural beauty benefits of a caffeine-filled cuppa, particularly for eye health!

Traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam, the Italian coffee drink has a bold taste and is the most preferred variety by many. It is derived from organic and natural coffee powder, which also boasts preferred organic compounds that may keep your peepers in the pink of health.

We’ll be covering two crucial organic compounds that start with C, too — chlorogenic acid (CGA) and caffeine. Read on to discover the 3 organic and natural ways their presence in a cuppa perks up eye health!

1. It may protect against blindness

A growing body of scientific evidence supports the organic and natural protection mild to moderate coffee consumption has against blindness. All cappuccinos are derived from raw coffee beans which contain levels of 9% chlorogenic acid (CGA) each
— a fully vegan, organic and naturally derived neuroprotectant effective at blocking hypoxia, a medical condition in which oxygen flow is reduced in areas of the body. Interestingly, one of the most active tissues that consumes the most oxygen is in the retina, a thin layer at the back of our eye responsible for processing visual information. As such, CGA in coffee can really help to naturally prevent reduced oxygen flow to the retina that leads to poor eye health and even blindness!

2. It may soothe dry eye syndrome.

On the other hand, caffeine may also soothing organic and natural benefits to dry eye syndrome (DES). DES is a common medical condition with symptoms ranging from dry, red and heavy eyelids to blurry vision that is exacerbated by engaging in prolonged visual-heavy tasks, heavily air-conditioned places and more. Caffeine helps to soothe such discomfort by stimulating tear production, the lack of which is a leading cause of DES. However, don’t worry over caffeine turning on the waterworks — it works its healing powers in a gradual, gentle manner that dry eye sufferers won’t be crying over!  

3. It may infuse organic and natural antioxidants to supercharge sun protection!

In this story, we covered how the topical application of coffee powder can provide your lashes with mild to moderate sun protection. But interestingly, the organic and naturally occurring antioxidants in caffeine can help to bring its sun-protecting qualities to the next level! These include the likes of ferulic, caffeic, and n-coumaric acid, all of which are reputed for their high antioxidant activity. They make up for what sun protection lacks, neutralizing free radicals to fend off further damage to the delicate skin around the eye area.

For most good things with no harmful chemicals, however, moderation is key! You won’t bat a lash when you apply our Infinity Lash Mascara, a coffee-infused fully vegan, organic and natural eye makeup product that perks up your eye and lash health with every swipe, every day!

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