Gone are the days of treating sensitive, chapped lips with sticky formulas that make #MaskingUp an uncomfortable experience! This month, we shine the spotliht on one of our favorite organic lip products of all time – our Moisture Burst Lip Glaze!

Why go organic?

As lip glaze and other lip products are applied nearest to the mouth and hence are most prone to being ingested, extra attention should be paid to ensuring that it is not just safe makeup, but also edible makeup!

One of the most common lubricants used in makeup is petrolatum (aka petroleum jelly) or mineral oils. These harmful oils are used as an emollient, to give your gloss that glide-on texture. However, if not refined well, this by-product derived from petroleum, is prone to a high possibility of being contaminated with another dangerous chemical known as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). When ingested and/or absorbed into the bloodstream, these harmful chemicals in makeup have been linked to various organ deficiencies such as liver damage.

Many non-organic lip formulas also contain other harmful ingredients such as:

Parabens: Most commonly used as artificial preservatives, parabens are known to be endocrine disruptors due to its ability mimic estrogen – linking it to increased risk of multiple types of cancer such as breast and skin cancer

Synthetic Fragrances: Many lip formulas make use of synthetic fragrances to add that burst of flavor/scent to the gloss. However, these fragrances are made with a combination of thousands of harmful chemicals, and have been linked to numerous side effects on health such as allergies, sensitivity, hormone imbalance and even cancer.

Why choose Liht Organic Lip Glaze?

Our Moisture Burst Lip glazes are free from petrolatum and contain no harmful chemicals found in makeup that can aggravate dry and chapped lips. Instead, we use a concoction of skin-loving natural oils such as Coconut, Castor seed and Sunflower oils to hydrate and lubricate! We replace harmful chemical preservatives will all-natural solutions such as lemon juice and plant-derived stabilizers. And, for our delicious scent, we have Cinnamon, Vanilla and a rich blend of Cocoa Butter to thank! We weren’t kidding when we said our makeup is safe enough to eat

With our Lip Glaze, you can even skip the added hassle of applying lip balm and get a pop of color to your lips that actually stays on!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to pamper your lips with these 10 juicy shades:

Berry Shimmer: Suitable for ages 16 to 60, this shimmery pink brings out a natural radiance to your complexion!

Grapefruit Sorbet: Liht up the room with a pop of orange – perfect for the Fall!

Pink Macaron: They’ll never know you have makeup on with this juicy pink to help you look like you #WokeUpLikeThis!

Pink Cupcake: For the wild ones, this shimmery electric violet will be your new go-to shade!

Ginger Glaze: Spice up your look with a touch of Ginger, a pretty copper shade that is flattering with any skin tone.

Roasted Cherry: For those who’ve always wanted to go RED but never dared, this shade of burnt red will be your turning point!

Sugar Glaze [NEW]: The timeless shade for every woman, young or old – crystal clear gloss to add oomph to your lippies or great as a lip balm!

Peanut Butter [NEW]: Talk about edible beauty! This warm caramel shade will have your lips lookin’ delish all day!

Rose Cream [NEW]: A lip balm with a rose tint – perfect for no makeup days when you want to keep your lips nourished and supple!

Peach Cream [NEW]: A lip balm with a peach tint – perfect for no makeup days when you want to keep your lips nourished and supple!

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