EXPERIENCE LIHT – Say Hello To Flawless!

We’re still obsessed with our newly launched corrector & concealer and blush, and it’s just in time for a wintery makeup look that will keep our skin dewy and fresh !

Here’s our go-to makeup routine to achieve a winter-proof, dewy-fresh look with just these three products!


Under eyes  – using a brush, apply our Prime Time Color Corrector generously under the eyes to help neutralize discoloration. Dab over and around the edges with your fingers to melt the product to help it blend seamlessly – be sure not to over-blend though so it doesn’t remove coverage!

            How to choose your shade of Color Corrector?

To find your shade, look at the undertone of the discoloration-

If it’s bluish-purple, we recommend Pristine!

If it’s greenish-brown, then Immaculate is the one for you!

If it’s a mix of both, you can blend a bit of Pristine and Immaculate together on the back of your hand before dabbing it under your eyes.

Pigmentation – if you have pigmentation spots or any uneven skin tone on your face, go ahead and apply the same shade on these areas and blend well around the edges, without removing coverage.


Now that we have neutralized the uneven skin tones on the face and under the eyes, go over with a layer of concealer to bring the skin back to a healthy, radiant finish!

KATHLEEN KAMPHAUSEN – https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/how-to/a32305/genius-concealer-hacks-every-woman-needs-to-know/

Under eyes – Using a brush, apply our Flawless Face Concealer, covering the corrector starting from the inner corners of the eyes, down to the cheek and back up to the outer corners.

Fill the space in with more product, so that you have a triangle shape under your eyes. This shape helps to not only conceal more thoroughly, but also lift the eyes by bouncing off any shadows that may be cast by your brow bone.

Just like with the corrector, blend out with your brush, followed by dabbing and blending with your finger to melt the product in seamlessly for a natural finish.

Face – Our Flawless Face Concealers are a nourishing alternative to the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation for drier skin types in the winter!

To use as a foundation, simply apply in areas that require coverage – redness around the T-zone and the nose, sallowness in the cheeks and chin area etc. – and blend out with your fingers or a damp sponge for a radiant, dewy finish.


To counter the wintery breeze, add a warm flush to your complexion by dusting a touch of our Sheer Radiance Blush in Waterlily to the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards onto the cheek bones and into your temples.

Our blush is free of any harmful and synthetic chemicals, so it’s safe to be used as an eyeshadow and even as a lip color! Go ahead and add a touch of blush to your eyelids to add some definition to your eyes. For a more dramatic look, add a swipe of our 100% smudgeproof Dusk to Dawn Liquid Liner and generous coats of our Infinity Lash Mascara for added definition!

Finish with a pop of color on the lips with our ultra nourishing Moisture Burst Lip Glaze, and you’re good to go!

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