Did You Know Your Makeup Could Be Damaging Your Skin?

It’s not news anymore that commercial makeup is a double-edged sword – while it is incredibly helpful in helping us look our best and enhance our best features, if we don’t choose the right products and use them properly, makeup could also end up damaging our skin for good.

But before you ladies start panicking and swearing yourself off makeup for good, why not learn more about how exactly your makeup is harmful to your skin? Plus, if you’re wondering how you can have both safety and efficiency in your makeup arsenal, we may have just the solution for you!

Without further ado, let’s deep dive into some common ways our makeup may be causing long-term damage to our skin and explore some suitable workarounds!


Clogging Pores

Makeup, especially foundation that is applied across your face for long hours, is a major contributor to clogged pores.

Pores are meant to help our body release oil and sweat from our sebaceous glands, so when heavy makeup products for long periods clog them, these secretions are trapped under our skin. 

The damage to the skin? Over time, this can lead to enlarged pores, inflammation, and acne.

Solution: Make sure to always properly cleanse off your makeup at the end of the day and if possible opt for foundations that come with a non-clogging formulation.


Premature Aging

While many of us apply makeup to look more youthful in the short term, the truth is the long-term application of products unsuitable for our skin will result in premature aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

Depending on the chemicals present in your makeup products, they may cause side effects like dry skin, loss of elasticity, and more which aggravates fine lines and wrinkles.

Solution: Avoid products that come with chemical ingredients that could cause nasty side effects. Instead, opt for clean, natural formulations rich in antioxidants to help protect your skin from environmental damage.


Skin Breakouts and Allergies

Prone to skin breakouts or have allergies? Makeup could make it worse. 

Many mass-produced cosmetic products are well-known to be formulated with harmful chemicals that can cause severe allergic reactions, or aggravate sensitive skin and cause frustrating breakouts that can take ages to clear up.

Solution: Make sure you go through the ingredient labels carefully when choosing your makeup products and do a patch test if unsure. Alternatively, opt for cleaner options that don’t contain chemicals and nanoparticles.


Color Changes

Many of us love the versatility that cosmetic products provide in giving us vibrant looks, but did you also know that some colour changes could be permanent?

For instance, the presence of lead and other heavy metals found in lipsticks when worn over long periods, result in staining or darkening of your lips.

Solution: Say no to chemicals in your makeup and go with natural formulations.


Harmful Chemicals 

An alarming statistic shows that there since 2009, more than 73,000 cosmetic products approved for sale have been linked to birth defects, cancers, reproductive harm, and more.

Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of these consequences and continue to put these harmful products on their bodies.

Solution: Get to know these harmful ingredients so you can make an informed decision when choosing your makeup. Alternatively, switch to organic makeup brands like Liht Organics that are derived from 100% natural ingredients, and completely free from synthetic chemicals so you know your skin is in good hands.

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