Celebrate Gluten-Free Makeup this National Gluten Free Day!

On January 13, we observed National Gluten Free Day (NGFD) with our community of fully vegan, organic and natural makeup lovers, especially those with a penchant for gluten free beauty! 

Whether it’s by choice or necessity, many women are opting for gluten free beauty options than ever before. And that’s great — gluten free makeup and skincare is for everyone to enjoy!

So, if you’ve already dedicated that day to gaining a deeper understanding of this lifestyle choice, continue celebrating with us with these 3 reasons why gluten free makeup is perfect for everyone!

Perfect for: #LihtWomen who are cruelty free makeup advocates 

If you’re a huge animal lover, you’ll want to find organic and natural makeup brands that are gluten-free and cruelty-free. One good reason is that organic and natural makeup should not affect the health of animals, even after formulation and production! Good news: no animals have been harmed in the making of our fully vegan, organic and natural makeup at Liht Organics. Better still, our formulations truly contain no harmful chemicals such as allergens to potentially trigger a negative reaction in your furry friends if you choose to snuggle with or smooch them while wearing our makeup!

Perfect for: #LihtWomen who want edible beauty skincare with safe and gluten-free makeup ingredients

When you live with celiac disease or heightened gluten sensitivity every day, you tend to figure out what works for you — and what doesn’t — through excruciating trial and error. Do good for yourself as you would for your furry friends, and skip the second guessing with Liht Organicsfully vegan, gluten-free and organic makeup! You won’t have to fret a bit, even if you accidentally ingest a little of our gluten free lip makeup, or get a swipe of our eye makeup product such as the Infinity Lash Mascara in your eye. None of them contain harmful chemicals to trigger a potentially harmful reaction, and are made with only the best edible beauty skincare and safe makeup ingredients!

Perfect for: #LihtWomen who want fully vegan, yet gluten-free makeup

Gluten can be found in many plant-based sources (e.g. wheat, barley), so fully vegan makeup that are not gluten-free can still cause an allergic reaction. However, at Liht Organics, you can rest assured that all of our fully vegan, organic and natural makeup is completely gluten-free!  This is great news if you have been searching for fully vegan, yet high quality gluten-free makeup — well, then you’ve coming knocking on the right door!

Open the doors to a world of natural beauty of gluten free makeup at Liht Organics! We are an award-winning  organic makeup brand with fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products infused with skincare benefits.

Discover Liht’s full fully vegan, organic and natural collection with no harmful chemicals makeup here now!

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