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4 Different Ways to Wear Liquid Lipstick this Spring

If you thought liquid lip makeup products were made just to be worn on the lips, think again! There is a myriad of fun ways you can continue wearing them this season. Warmer days are finally here! However, don’t stash away your liquid lip makeup products yet — your favourite colors can also double as […]

4 Organic and Natural Ways to Ease Your Seasonal Allergies

Spring is not just fresh blooms and longer days of sunshine; if you’re an allergy sufferer, it can also mean a congested throat, nose and sneezing for days on end. These are just some of the more common symptoms of rhinitis and hay fever — seasonal allergies that affect more than 25 million American adults […]

#IngredientSpotliht: Gluten

It’s found in more than just bread.    Yes, gluten can be found in your morning toast, delicious pastries and more…but also in your makeup products, too! Many of us diagnosed with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivities won’t be surprised at this. Gluten, however, is increasingly controversial; many experts claim that it is safe […]

3 Ways Cruelty-Free Makeup Products Help Protect the Earth

Furry eco-friendly in more ways than you think! The positive impact of cruelty-free makeup products on the wider environment is far-reaching and more than you would ever imagine. From makeup product formulation to production, our cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, organic and natural makeup products minimize our carbon footprint to maximize a beautiful life for all on […]

3 Steps to Clean Your Makeup Bag for Spring

With no harmful chemicals in sight! Spring has officially sprung! With a new season ahead, you may be wanting to flex your Marie Kondo-style muscles with your current stash of beauty products. Just like your style and beauty routine, the contents of your makeup bag should also change with the season. Whether it looks like […]

Earth Day Beauty: 3 Organic and Natural Flower-Derived Ingredients in Our Makeup Products

Flower power!    In celebration of Earth Day (22 April), we highlight the fully vegan, organic and natural flower-derived ingredients in your skincare and makeup products that will naturally bring a smile to your face!      While the beautifully vibrant colors and scents associated with a bouquet of fresh, organic and natural flowers can turn […]

Free of Harmful Chemicals, Fully Vegan, Organic and Natural: What Do These Terms Actually Mean?

Let’s look beyond the plastic label! The next beauty revolution is natural—naturally organic and fully vegan makeup products! Long gone are the days when choosing fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products with no harmful chemicals meant sacrificing effectiveness. Now, many consumers are slowly shifting toward fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products than those […]


We’re glad to meet you.   She is more than a woman.She is everything she allows herself to be. Pronounced “light”, the word Liht also represents “light, daylight; power of vision; luminary; world”. Similarly, Liht (Living in Her Time) Organics is a revolutionary natural, organic makeup brand, a reflection of the face behind her – the Liht […]


Put your money where your mouth is. What is the best way to achieve healthy skin? Skin food. And by that, we mean REAL food. In Singapore and across Asia, there is a growing focus on holistic approaches toward health, lifestyle and wellness. The benefits of natural, edible beauty are no longer an afterthought. Cosmetics […]


It’s easy not to see red! At a certain point in their lives, many women are diagnosed with rosacea – a common chronic skin disorder. Rosacea occurs mostly on the face in areas such as the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. It is characterised by visibly reddened skin and acne-like textural bumps; the latter can […]

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