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‘Tis the Season to Love Certified Organic and Natural Edible-Beauty Oils with Skincare Benefits!

Our love for fully vegan and organic edible beauty oils run deep, especially when the temperature plunges sharply at this time of the year! And we’re not alone — according to a 2015 report from The NDP Group, the dollar sales of skincare oils have more than tripled in its preceding five years. Fast forward […]

Harvest Vanilla-Infused Benefits in this DIY Scrub

In our previous #IngredientSpotliht, we touched upon the natural beauty benefits of certified organic, natural vanilla — particularly in our Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation. Before you wake up and makeup, however, you’ll need to ace the base with your skincare first. Harvest the benefits of organic and natural vanilla — a fully vegan and hypoallergenic […]

#IngredientSpotliht: Certified Organic and Natural Vanilla Planifolia

#IngredientSpotliht: Certified Organic and Natural Vanilla Planifolia From boosting hair growth to anti-aging treatments, certified organic and natural vanilla planifolia is a fully vegan and hypoallergenic ingredient that sweetens up your beauty routine in many ways! Many of us recognise this familiar ingredient — also known simply as vanilla, the colder weather has got us […]

It’s National Cappuccino Day! 3 Organic and Natural Ways a Cuppa Perks Up Eye Health

To celebrate the upcoming National Cappuccino Day (8 Nov), we want to highlight the natural beauty benefits of a caffeine-filled cuppa, particularly for eye health! Traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam, the Italian coffee drink has a bold taste and is the most preferred variety by many. It is derived from […]


In 2018, it is estimated that 627,000 women died from breast cancer – that is approximately 15% of all cancer deaths among women. With Breast Cancer being one of the most common cancers among women, most of us know of someone who has had to fight breast cancer or perhaps some of us have even had […]

Makeup and Breast Cancer – 3 Harmful Chemicals in Lipsticks that May Increase Your Risk

Did you know that 60% of what you apply on your skin gets absorbed into your body? The average woman reportedly uses at least 10 products daily from 14 years of age onwards. Assuming a lifespan of at least 80 years and an average wear time of 7 hours daily, that’s a whopping 168,630 hours […]

3 Fun Ways to Use Organic and Natural Mascara as Eyeliner

Besides successfully executing the best razor-sharp, winged eyeliner, there are also three other fun, fancy, and equally mesmerizing ways to wear eyeliner this fall! Thanks to social media, we’re always being served up endless creative eye makeup eyeliner looks. Even if you’re a stickler for the classic cat- eye eyeliner makeup, there also subtle ways […]

Make a DIY Organic and Natural Coffee-Infused Eye Cream This Fall!

Organic and natural skincare, particularly eye cream, may seem a ploy by skincare brands to get you to splash more dollars on products you don’t need. However, trust us when we say that is a necessary step, especially if you’re going to experiment with fun eye makeup looks. The endless blending will inevitably tug at […]

#IngredientSpotliht: Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Powder

With the arrival of fall, our lives will be fuelled by mostly pumpkin spice lattes and…coffee! Derived from coffea arabica powder, coffee is a ‘wonder drink’ that can boost overall health when consumed in moderation. However, topical application also infuses a healthy dose of natural beauty benefits for skin and surprisingly, even eye health! If […]

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