Learn How to Contour with This Simple Guide for Beginners

Want to take your makeup to the next level? Try contouring to achieve a more defined or sculpted look à la the Kardashians! Whether you’re a complete makeup beginner or someone exploring how to contour, just follow these few simple steps to achieve your exciting new look.   What You Need in Your Contouring Kit […]

Ingredient Spotlight – Benefits of Cinnamon Extract and Lavender Extract in Beauty Products

At Liht Organics, we take pride in being a 100% all-natural and organic cosmetic brand. This is why our commitment to only using the best and most natural ingredients in our makeup products for you, goes beyond just selling them, but also proactively educating consumers on what goes into the products you put on your […]

Essential and Easy Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

Living with sensitive skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and more is already not an easy feat. Throw in makeup to the mix? It gets even more complicated, with constant flare-ups, irritations, and allergies causing added frustration. To help you manage these makeup woes, our team at Liht Organics helped put together a simple list of […]

Reasons Why You Should Choose Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Instead!

With increasing exposés unveiling the ugly truth behind animal testing that goes on in the beauty industry, it is little wonder that consumers are becoming more conscious about what they choose to put on their skin. Keen to explore the alternative to mainstream cosmetics for something a little better for your skin while looking out […]

5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish

5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish

Envious of how celebrities and makeup professionals can easily achieve that “second skin finish” that looks so perfectly natural yet blemish-free? Our team of beauty experts at Liht Organics is here to spill our tried and tested industry makeup tips and hacks to help you bring your makeup game to the next level!  Get ready […]

A Travel-friendly Beauty Routine for That Vacation Glow!

Now that the travel bans around the world are lifting, it’s never a better time for a getaway! Ever wanted to look flawless all day for that Insta-worthy vacay photo but also found it a hassle to tour around with all your makeup for touch-ups throughout the day? Here’s a travel-friendly beauty routine that focuses […]

Why Investing in Organic Makeup is Good for You and The Planet?

The global cosmetics market size is projected to reach approximately $463 billion by 2027. Every day, the average woman uses up to 12 different beauty or cosmetic products. Such is the ubiquity of makeup products in our lives. And yet, shockingly little has been done to ensure the safety of such products – for the […]

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