6 Simple Tips to Looking Beautiful – The Natural Way

Wondering how you can achieve a natural beauty without the odd nip & tuck and invasive or costly cosmetic procedures? Here are 6 simple tips you can incorporate in your daily life that will help with just that!

Moisturize and Hydrate

The key to healthy, glowing skin is in making sure it’s always moisturized and hydrated, and there is just simply no way around it. When your skin is dehydrated, it results in a domino effect of problems – from a compromised protective barrier to overproduction of sebum, resulting in an array of skin issues ranging from breakouts to wrinkles.

That’s why hydration to keep the water levels in our skin cells and body up is key. A thorough skin care regime consisting of serums and moisturizer will also help to keep moisture locked into the deeper layers of the skin, revealing supple and glowing skin over time!

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Get Your Beauty Sleep

Staying up past your bed time every night? That stops now! A research study shows how sleep-deprived individuals are generally perceived to be less attractive due to swollen eyes, dark eye circles, more wrinkles, and fine lines – and all this was just after 1 day of sleep deprivation.  Imagine how much less attractive you would be over an extended period. The horror!

Work Out Regularly

Regular exercise has many beneficial effects on looking beautiful naturally.

In the physical aspect, working out regularly helps to tone and sculpt the body so you can look and feel your best! It also helps to regulate your sleep cycle so you can get the beauty sleep your body deserves!

Other more subtle but equally positive benefits include better blood circulation leading to clearer skin, perspiration to help detoxify the body, endorphins released during exercise to help lift your mood and more – contributing to an overall more positive appearance!

Add Exfoliation to Your Skincare Regime

One of the most overlooked steps in any skincare routine is exfoliation! A gentle exfoliation every week helps slough off the build up of dead skin cells which can get clogged in your pores and cause  breakouts, blackheads and an overall dull complexion. However, make sure not to over-exfoliate or use harsh exfoliation products as this could cause more harm than good.

This step makes a world of difference to how bright your complexion looks, how well your moisturizers are absorbed and even to how long your makeup stays put. Say hello to radiant, glowing skin all year round!

Pay Attention to Personal Grooming

The next step up from basic skincare is personal grooming. Trust us when we say it goes a long way in helping enhance one’s natural beauty. And it doesn’t have to be a fuss.

Make it a point at least once a week to pamper yourself with an at-home spa day if you don’t have the time to head out. Tweeze those stray eyebrow hairs, apply a face mask to repair and nourish your skin, a hair treatment to take care of your luscious locks, and perhaps even do a body scrub folllowed by a luxurious moisturizer so you’ll look and feel absolutely radiant from top to toe when you’re done!

Take Care Of Yourself – Mind, Body & Spirit

Last but not least, live a balanced lifestyle of work and play. Nothing radiates beauty more than a happy and free spirit! Especially during these times of uncertainty and health scares, it’s crucial that we look after our mind and body so we will be able to handle anything that comes our way!

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