5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish

5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish

Envious of how celebrities and makeup professionals can easily achieve that “second skin finish” that looks so perfectly natural yet blemish-free?

Our team of beauty experts at Liht Organics is here to spill our tried and tested industry makeup tips and hacks to help you bring your makeup game to the next level! 

Get ready to take notes!

1. Choose the Right Shade & Coverage

If you imagine your face as the canvas for your makeup masterpiece, one of the most important elements to a perfect outcome would be your base material – in this case, your choice of foundation.

It is not an exaggeration to say that choice of foundation can make or break your entire look. So, here’s how you make sure you get the right shade and coverage for that naturally flawless look:

  • Test a few different swatches of foundation on a bare face (under your jawline) to colour match
  • Check whether it blends in with your skin colour under natural and not artificial lighting
  • For a natural look, always opt for a light to medium coverage – building on only when you need a little more coverage

Our recommendation? Our Youth Elixir Liquid foundation comes in a wide array of skin tones to provide you with perfect colour matching and flawless coverage – all while being breathable, gentle, and hydrating.

5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish 2

2. Prepare Your Skin Well

Before you rush to start with the application, make sure that your skin is well prepped ahead so that the makeup applies smoothly and stays on well! Trust us when we say even the best foundation wouldn’t work well on dry patchy skin.

Wondering how to prepare your face for makeup application? The secret is moisture!!! To achieve that natural glow, you need to ensure that your skin is well-hydrated and thus smooth and plump.

To do so, make sure you keep your face clean and apply a coat of lightweight moisturizer before any application of foundation.  

5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish 4

3. Use Colour Correctors & Concealers to Hide Imperfections

Keen to achieve a clear and flawless second-skin finish without imperfections? That’s where colour correctors and concealers come into play!

Here’s how each of these amazing products can help you achieve that perfect glowing skin:

  • Concealers are commonly used in small amounts to cover up blemishes, dark circles, and other imperfections. They come in shades to match skin tone for a natural finish.
  • Colour correctors, on the other hand, help to eliminate unwanted complexion colour tones – like yellow dull skin or redness from skin sensitivity, etc.

Our recommendation? Our Prime Time Colour Corrector and Flawless Face Concealer work together to help combat even the most difficult to hide imperfections, all while keeping your skin nourished and hydrated at the same time.

5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish 3

4. Use Proper Application Techniques & Tools

As any professional makeup artist will tell you, the key to a natural finish is subtle application techniques with the right tools.

Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Use a loosely packed brush instead of a dense one to reduce the amount of foundation applied
  • Apply only where it is required – Yes, you don’t have to cover the whole face with foundation. 
  • Start from the centre of the face and blend outwards, always using a light buffing action to keep it light and natural
  • Avoid certain areas – bridge of the nose, areas around the nose that can end up patchy

5 Simple Tips to Achieving an Amazing Second Skin Finish 5

5. Complete the Natural Look with Blush

Now that you’re almost complete with your look, don’t forget to add a final finishing touch for that added glow – blush! 

Our recommendation? Our Sheer Radiance Blush helps you achieve a glow-from-within look effortlessly with its brightening effect! You can even swipe some on the eyelids and dab a little on your lips to complete your look!

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