Confidence in a tube!

It’s a more environmentally friendly option than decking your home with tinsel. There’s truly nothing that screams party season more than a red lip!

The confidence of a woman rocking a red lip is unparalleled, but particularly more so during the holidays. It oozes a sense of charm and power that we cannot really put our finger on and compels both men and women to be fixated upon its wearer.

The origins of red lipstick can be traced all the way back to the Sumerian region of southern Mesopotamia (circa 3,500 B.C.E). It was here that red rocks — a purported member of the gemstone family — were ground into a fine powder to tint the lips red. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was even known to wear various shades of red lip paint and more made from crushed insects! Rest assured, we don’t get our crimson from creepy crawlies.

Yet, red lipstick could still end up on everywhere but your lips if you’re not careful in the modern world. Follow these 4 simple steps to achieve a flawlessly festive organic and natural red lip look that stays where you want it — on your lips!


Exfoliate those puckers!

We’ve said it many times, but we’ll say it once again. Exfoliating is key to prepping your lips for the smooth jolt of colour that it’s about to receive! Apply some organic or vegan lip balm over your lips first to give some slip to it, then use a clean, disposable mascara wand or soft bristle toothbrush to slough off dry, dead skin in a circular motion.


Prime with concealer!

Sometimes you may find that your shade of choice may not look the same way it does in the tube. This is because the pigmentation and colour of your natural lips affects the final hue. To get the exact colour payoff (e.g. of a festive cherry red such as Liht Organics’ Moisture Burst Lip Glaze in Wild Cherry), dab on a sheer layer of Liht Organics’ organic and natural Flawless Face Concealer on your lips, with your finger. Liht Organics’ organic and natural Flawless Face Concealer is jam-packed with nourishing organic vegan skincare-loving makeup ingredients such a coconut and castor oils, without any wax so its totally safe for use on the lips!

To avoid having your red lipstick colour “bleed” onto your skin, you can also forego lip liner if you don’t have one! Simply use an angled eyeliner brush to add a little concealer around your lips and you’re done!


Layer, layer, layer!


Sheer layers are the name of the game. Apply your Liht Organics’ red lipstick of choice (we love our Color-Intense Liquid Lipsticks in Sangria) directly from the tube in two swipes. Smack your lips gently together, blot with a tissue and repeat with another swipe of lipstick until you reach your desired colour strength!


Powder up!

This works especially well if you choose to go with organic and natural glossy red lip product within a range such as Liht Organics’ Moisture Burst Lip Glaze or Color-Intense Liquid Lipsticks. After applying your red lippie of choice, blot with a tissue. Next, place the tissue you used in the step before gently over your lips. Swirl a large, fluffy brush into a Liht OrganicsAll-Day Perfection Foundation and tap it over the tissue on your lips. This will help to absorb the excess moisture of the carefully applied lipstick and lock it in place all night long!

In just 4 simple steps, you have natural and organic beauty hacks galore to achieve the flawlessly festive red lip look of your dreams! Are you a rocking a red lip these holidays? Share some of your own tips as well, including a photo or two of yourself — we want to see your best natural and organic makeup looks!

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