3 Reasons to Try Gluten Free Mascara This Summer

If you are bogged down with seasonal or gluten allergies, the last thing you want is your mascara causing dry and itchy, or even swollen and watery eyes. It doesn’t help that many non-organic and natural makeup brands claim that their mascaras are gluten-free, but have an ambiguous makeup product ingredient list that makes it difficult to determine if it truly is!

However, you can rest assured that Liht Organics is not such a brand. Our gluten-free Infinity Lash Mascara will not trigger any harmful reactions and is perfectly safe for sensitive eyes! You’ll fall in love with it at first swipe — read on for 3 reasons to try their gluten free mascara this summer!

1. It is also crafted from organic and natural ingredients of 100% vegan origin!

Few gluten free mascaras can claim to be organic, natural and even have a hypoallergenic ingredient list of 100% vegan At Liht Organics, however, our gluten-free Infinity Lash Mascara goes above and beyond with that claim! It contains organic, vegan and naturally derived ingredients from ethical sources, as well as no harmful chemical stabilizers. More importantly, there are zero traces of any wheat, hydrolyzed wheat protein, flaxseed, barley and oat derivatives. This is good news as even when the sun is out in full force, you won’t have to sweat about your Infinity Lash Mascara melting down into your eye and causing irritation throughout the day!

2. It also fuses high-efficacy skincare to not compromise your overall health!

On the other hand, many non-organic and natural makeup brands hawk mascaras formulated with harmful chemicals such as heavy metals (e.g. carbon black, mercury, lead), paraffin waxes and more! Frighteningly, many women close their eyes (literally) towards the presence of these harmful chemicals because they are still good at what they do — for example, carbon black imparts intense black pigment for greatly defined lashes, while paraffin waxes help keep a lash curled all day long. However, these harmful chemicals have been linked to numerous instances of cancer and organ deficiencies with prolonged use.

You’ll be glad to know that our Infinity Lash Mascara contains none of these harmful chemicals! Instead, this gluten-free formula also contains vegan, organic and naturally derived coffea arabica (coffee) powder that delivers intense pigments sans the harmful chemicals! We also use copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax — an organic and natural thick wax derived from the leaves of the Brazilian palm tree copernicia cerifera — to ensure that it lengthens, and volumizes to hold a curl that can rival your traditional non-vegan, organic and natural mascaras!

It also boosts lash health long after it is washed away!

It’s easy to fall for the marketing hype, especially when many non gluten-free, vegan, organic and natural mascaras purport to have natural beautifying, skincare-infused benefits. Some may even claim to improve lash health! However, these efficacy claims are temporary and most lack the solid evidence to back them up. However, our gluten free Infinity Lash Mascara definitely has an ingredients list to back it up! It is equipped with not just vegan, organic and natural high-performing ingredients, but also nourishing, vegan skincare-infused oils and extracts that leave your lashes so soft even after you’ve cleansed them away for the day. This results in softer, more fluttery lashes that are truly healthier!

Explore more gluten free, fully vegan, organic and natural makeup at Liht Organics, a highly recommended organic brand based in Singapore. Our vegan, gluten-free, organic and natural makeup contains no harmful chemicals, with a hypoallergenic ingredient list, making it perfectly safe for sensitive skin.

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