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#IngredientSpotliht: Mica

As mica is a naturally produced silicate mineral, it is a particularly well-loved hypoallergenic ingredient that is safe for sensitive skin, as well as a more natural solution for women looking for solutions on how to treat eczema and other skin concerns in fully vegan, organic and natural makeup products. Read on to learn exactly […]

[FEATURE] AWQAT DUBAI – Liht Organics: The First Premium Organic Makeup Brand

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Liht Organics – The First Premium Organic Makeup Brand Liht Organics, a premium organic beauty brand recently made its debut in the UAE’s beauty sector, making it the first organic makeup brand to enter the market. Formulated in the USA, Liht products are celebrated for being organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and completely safe […]

3 Tips for Achieving Fuller BB Cream Coverage

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Gal-entine’s Day, one thing’s for sure — every woman wants flawless, yet organic and natural makeup that glows under the candlelight! Customizable coverage is the name of the game with our fully vegan, and natural Anti-Aging BB Cream! For lighter, natural makeup coverage that allows your perfect imperfections to peek […]

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Talc-Free, Organic and Natural Makeup

Let’s talk about talc. Talc lurks on the non-hypoallergenic ingredient lists of non-vegan, organic and natural makeup, particularly powders. It has been shrouded in controversy ever since a woman reportedly passed away from cancer after prolonged exposure to the harmful chemical. While World Cancer Day (4 Feb) has passed, we still want to take a […]

Wintry Natural Beauty: 3 Snow-Proof Makeup Tips

Whether you’re hitting the ice or ski slopes this holiday season, windburn, sleet and more may seek to ruin your sleek makeup! Snow-proof  and naturally flawless makeup is all about keeping your skin soft and protected all day. Yet, dropping temperatures are a major hurdle to looking like the natural beauty you are, with spells […]